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Are you interested in Fresh Organic Fruits and Vegetables available weekly?  Now you can purchase a “SHARE” of fresh organic produce this growing season!



Full Share Before March 15,  2016 SAVE $200.00

Half Share Before March 15, 2016 SAVE $100.00

Full Share March 15 – March 30, 2016 SAVE $100.00

Half Share March 15 – March 30, 2016 SAVE $50.00


Whats Growing Weekly

     You are encouraged to follow our progress by viewing the seed progress found in our News pages.  We will make photographs as well as editorial comments available when appropriate.

Whats Happening On The Farm

     Follow our growing season in our News pages.  We will try to keep you updated on our land stewardship as well as new and improved methods of handling your food.  When it comes to what you put in your body YOU WANT to see how the “sausage” is made!


What’s Happening In the Food Industry

     We will periodically post news of interest in the food industry.  You may have noticed that the larger and smaller food suppliers are going more and more ORGANIC.  Stores such as Costco, Aldi’s, Whole Foods, Sam’s Club and many others are making Organic and Gluten Free products, staples in their available foods.  This is largely in response to consumer demand.  While,  GMO’s, chemicals with increased toxicity and blatantly false information  regarding crop toxicity are being pushed on commercial food producers (farmers), the General Public is simply NOT BUYING IT!

     The worst of all, is the plethora of scientifically unsupported, anecdotal, testimonials espousing rigorous testing to support claims of safety.  In fact, it is difficult to find any truly scientific data of sufficient longevity to support any claim to safety.  Your government is doing NOTHING to scientifically improve food safety.   The prevelance of various cancers in farming communities is highly suspicious of exposure to environmental carcinogens.

     There is no question that there is an Organic Revolution as a result of consumer demand.  Many foreign countries have banned GMO grains imported from the United States.

     The bottom line is that the consumer is highly suspicious of toxic foods.  Flour is nothing less than a highly processed chemical experiment to achieve optimal characteristics for the baking industry.  Unless you sprout and grind your own flour from non polluted sources, virtuall every vitamin or mineral occuring naturally has been removed and MUST be supplemented after processing.


Why Us

Raising The Standards

     We are raising the bar on Fresh, Organically Produced, Grains, Fruits and Vegetables by exceeding the Certifying Guidelines of the National Organic Program of the USDA.  We start by purifying the water we use with a combination of sand filtration followed by Reverse Osmosis that removes solid and molecular contaminates down to the 5 micron level (5, 1 millionth’s of an inch).  This process leaves our plant sustaining water vertually 99.9%+ pure.

     We then plant biological borders around our “food plots” to help prevent extrinsic contamination of our crops.  Although contamination can still occur, the likely hood is far less due to our separations.

     We use only naturally based fertilizers such as fish and kelp and only natural disease controls and beneficial insects. Our weed control consists almost entirely of selective tillage and natural organic crop rotation using plants that have proven to be “alleopathic” (toxic) to weeds.

     Whenever possible we grow our crops from seed. This allows complete control over organic production of our plants.  Where we must rely on bare root plants we obtain our plants only from certified organic producers.

Steps For The Future

     We have established a solid rotation plan to rehabilitate our soils with healthy bacteria, microbes and insects. These Organisms are completely destroyed with conventional farming practices utilizing commercially produced fertilizers, herbicides and insecticides based on Genetically Modified plants.  These modifications are produced to withstand the poisons anticipated to be applied.

     We take a scientific approach for testing and study of our crops.  The current arguments rage on the topics of safety regarding GMO plants and the subsequent toxic chemicals to be applied.  The major corporations profiting from these methods allude to “studies” by their hired guns (employees), relating to safety.  Scientific study demands that testing, research and study be made by INDEPENDENT investigators utilizing a multifaceted approach.

     As we continue to evolve, we are studying and developing methods of research and study on the effects of our foods.  When possible we will try to place links on this website for your consideration of our research and study as well as that of other scientific authorities.

NEW FOR 2016

We are in the process of negotiating home delivery for a reasonable cost.  NOW you will be able to receive delivery to your door within 2 – 4 days of picking.

Featured Products

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Before February 15

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FULL Share  $475

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Feb 15 - Feb 29

FULL Share  $525

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Before March 15

FULL Share  $550

HALF Share  $350

March 15-March 30

FULL Share  $650

HALF Share  $375


AFTER March 30

FULL Share  $750

HALF Share  $450

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??? CSA

CSA is 

Community Supported Agriculture


Pay a small fee up front and receiveFarm Fresh Orgnic Produce throughout the season.

The anticipated value compared to retail far exceeds the fee.


Share purchasers share some risk due to weather, disease of crops, and crop growth failures.

No fees are charged for pick-up at the farm, small fees will apply to transport sites based upon mileage.